GPS Affiliates

GPS Affiliates

Global Premier Soccer owns and operates soccer properties in Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Florida, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Each property provides a wide range of soccer products and services including camps, clinics, club programs, tournaments and leagues. acts as the web-portal to access the homepage of all current MPS affiliated businesses across the US.

Massachusetts Premier Soccer was formed in 2001 and in its first 10 years of existence became the biggest soccer club in New England and one of the biggest in the US. In 2009, Maine Premier Soccer was formed. New York Premier Soccer and Florida Premier Soccer followed in 2010.  New Hampshire Premier Soccer Academy was added in 2011 followed by New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont in 2012.


Massachusetts Premier Soccer was founded in 2001 by Peter and Joe Bradley with a mission to provide a new player development model for players in Massachusetts.

To view more information on Massachusetts Premier Soccer, please click here.


Maine Premier Soccer was launched in 2009 moving the GPS PDL franchise to Portland under the moniker MPS Portland Phoenix. In partnership with Maine Coast United the MCU Portland Phoenix program was formed, now the leading club soccer program in the state.


New York Premier Soccer launched in 2010 via a partnership with Rochester Futbol Club.  NYPS also operate a premier program in the greater Buffalo region under the monkier NYPS Knights.

To view more information on New York Premier Soccer, please click here.


Florida Premier Soccer was launched in the summer of 2010 in Orlando in partnership with multiple clubs in central Florida including FC America.

To view more information on Florida Premier Soccer, please click here.

NHPSA launched in the spring of 2011 via a partnership with Granite FC and the New Hampshire Classics to create the NHPSA Classics.

To view more information on NHPSA Premier Soccer, please click here.

Jersey Premier Soccer has been created in partnership with Ocean City, one of the leading player development programs in New Jersey. Ocean City also operates one of the leading USL Premier Development League franchises in the country, the Ocean City Nor’easters.


Vermont Premier Soccer launched in the Summer of 2012 via a partnership with Nordic Soccer Club, the most successful youth soccer club in Vermont.

To view more information on Vermont Premier Soccer, please click here.