GPS Rhode Island  is for players who wish to develop their soccer game in a positive, development based environment.  The scope of GPS provides players the best opportunity to develop as athletes and as people.

Full-Time Professional Coaches 
GPS RI has a full-time body of staff of nationally and internationally licensed coaches.

Age-appropriate curriculum
GPS RI seeks to provide players with the best education for soccer development and has produced age-appropriate curriculum for all programs within the club.

Style of Play
GPS has a dedicated style of play from 4v4 to 11v11.  Our teams from Florida to Maine follow a specific curriculum and play a possession based, technical style of play.

Technical Department 
GPS has a full-time Technical Department which is overseen by Director of Coaching Peter Bradley who holds his USSF A license.  The Technical Department is responsible for curriculum development and player education.

Full-Time Sports Performance Department
GPS has a full-time sports performance department which focuses on injury prevention, fitness testing and sports nutrition.  Players are given ongoing feedback on these components which are pivotal in the modern game.

Cooperation with local
GPS RI helps with coach education, team training and player development in youth soccer programs across the state.


Convenience for parents
GPS RI caters for all developing soccer player’s needs with the many different programs on offer.  The full scope of the club includes day camps, residential camps, leagues and tournaments and assistance with the college process.  

Adidas partner 
GPS RI is a partner with adidas, one of the leading apparel brands in the world. Players and coaches receive high quality training and game day uniforms to maximize professionalism.

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